What is CoLoS

The Aims of CoLoS

CoLoS means "Conceptual Learning of Science". The mission of CoLoS is to provide teachers of natural sciences with access to new means and methods offered by modern technology and to deeper understanding of phenomena they teach. This should support the quality of their teaching and create more enthusiasm for natural sciences among their students.

Immediate Goals

 Introduction of modern computer supported methods of experimenting. These methods are based on the mimicry of nature and on interaction of their objects.
 Visualisation of phenomena which are otherwise hard to understand.
 Establishement of a model of mutual professional connections between secondary school teachers and faculties.

The List of Results

 New programming tools for the preparation of didactic experiments.
 New tools for the intergration of didactic experiments with accompanying courseware.
 Collection of typical didactic examples
 Establishement of servers with didactic contents