3.2.4 Motion in electric and magnetic fields mutually perpendicular

Ez=-100; By=3, normal to the velocity (q=1, m=3).


Notice that, though the electric field is directed along the z-axis, the drift in the circular trajectory occurs along the x-direction!

Next we consider the same configuration, but with the added possibility of controlling the field.

Motion in E and B mutually perpendicular: Ez=-100; By=3, perpendicular to the velocity (q=1, m=3). the electric field that is applied may be controlled.

See experiment

- With the present values a cycloidal motion is obtained in the plane XZ, with advance along increasing values of x due to Ez !

- If Ez is cancelled the motion becomes circular. Select several values for Ez (positives and negatives) and observe the effects.

- Notice that an electric field Ez causes drift o the circle along the x-axis, and viceversa.

- If the electric field is applied along the y-axis, parallel to B, the resulting trajectory is an helicoid with increasing pass.