2.1.1 Superposition Principle

The field of a single charge can be obtained from the expression above. This field is shown in the following simulation by using a vector (force on a unit (invisible) charge) at different points in space.

The Superposition Principle allows us to generalize the previous result to systems with more than one charge: the total field is the vector sum of the individual field due to each charge separately. This Principle is a consequence of the linearity property of the field equations.

Let us see next the field produced at point (300,0,500) by two charges. We show the field due to a negative charge (-5000 u) placed at (770,0,0), the field of a positive charge (+10000 u) placed at (0,0,0), and the field due to both charges simultaneously.

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The superposition of the two fields yielding the total field is shown in next Figure.

Let us remark once more the importance of this Principle to generalize the concepts defined for a charge to systems with an arbitrary number of charges.