1.4 The concept of FIELD

We shall now analyse in more detail the concept of field, of primary importance in all branches of Physics.

1.4.1 The field as a perturbation of the properties of space

The presence of a charge modifies the properties of the surrounding space. As regards to the effects upon other charges placed near the first one, the important aspect to be considered is the perturbation that has affected the space. This perturbation is what is called the FIELD, in our case, the electric field.

The following simulation shows a non-perturbed 2-D space, represented by a plane.

to run the animation during a short period of time and you will see how the plane gradually buckles due to the presence of an invisible charge that is approaching.

Continue the simulation. Try to obtain a better  3-D visualization.

The previous simulation has been performed (with a little bit of trickery) as follows: a uniform vertical field has been established, and an invisible charge has been placed far away from the plane. When "animation" is started, the charge approaches the plane and the plotted equipotential surface is being modified. The presentation has been achieved in the following way: