Demo of Animator3D

This is a demo of Animator3D. It also presents of the usage of  an accompanying javascript library.

Animator3D is an applet which permits the visualisation of physical and other natural phenomena in the 3D world. The world can be visualised in a separate frame (as shown in this page) or it can be included in the html page (see the following examples). This depends on the size of the applet.

Just for your information: the applet is hiden here ()

First  show the simulation frame. If you prefere, you can do it by clicking this button 

or this picture

The same interaction  principles (text or picture link or button) can be applied with all other commands.
Viewpoint to the visualised model can be changed in the following way:
  • Zoom in and out: Draging with mouse
  • Rotate:SHIFT + dragging the mouse

  • Pan: CTRL + dragging the mouse

For more information go to: