CoLoS project Milano
Euclidean geometry,
constraints and
To allow the construction of geometric objects in Euclidian geometry we adopted a virtual ruler and compass. Primitive objects are instantiated and new ones are created upon intersecting points indeed the fundamental class method to perform intersection among them allows to generate new points, that subsequently can be used to build new objects. The objects constructed in this way can be further transformed and manipulated. The constraints imposed during the construction are mantained without reccurring to numerical techniques, usuallu computationally expensive. The system will be incremental: that is to say users will be able to add to the system new classes of geometric objects or new methods for pre-existing classes. This action does not require explicit programming because the new procedures are entered by providing an example or a prototype of a generic construction that implements a new geometric object derived from more general ones (e.g. a new class for rectangular triangle derived from class Triangle) or useful geoemtric procedures of given sets of geometric objects (e.g. given a segment a procedure to compute its middle-point).

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