Tomaz Amon

Dr. Amon is a biologist with a lot of computer experience. He finds his main field of interest in connecting biology with logical thinking.

He devotes most of his time to the visualization of biological processes. He creates both the biological and the technical components of his projects .

Tomaz Amon studied biology at the Universtiy of Ljubljana, Slovenia and did the work for his Ph. D. at the Max-Planck Institute in Seewiesen, Germany. The them was neurophysiology in insects (crickets). He worked with Prof. Franz Huber and Dr.Dietmar Otto. Then he worked in Berlin in the lab of Prof. Randolf Menzel, where he studied the mechanisms of learning in honeybees using whole-cell patch-clamp techniques.

In the meantime he was involved in the computer programming and visualization of biological data. He designed and programmed in the C language a program for the evaluation of neurophysiological data being used in the laboratories in Seewiesen and Ljubljana. The program has more than 200 batch commands and a 1MB source code.

Tomaz Amon is now member of Internet biologists, laboratory for numerical electromagnetics of the University Ljubljana and director of the center for scientific visualization - AMNIM, Ljubljana.